Telehealth Session

As a way to continue normalizing mental health while connecting with a society who is familiar with interacting online,  Soundtrack to Life, LLC offers telehealth services to meet your scheduling needs! If you are interested, don’t hesitate to book an appointment today! All that we require is that you meet for an initial in-person session and thereafter you can begin telehealth appointments.

Telehealth, or distance counseling, is the use of a digital platform that provides secure, encrypted, audio-video conferencing to communicate with a client in real time. There may be obstacles that are limiting you or prevent you from attending an in person session. Finding the right time to schedule a visit can appear just another thing to do.

Other factors may be that you not be locally available, having limited mobility due to a disability, or lack of reliable transportation. The consequences can specially affect mental health having needs are unmet. Untreated needs can continue to increase stress that affects the many areas of your life. To address these issues, telehealth has become available.

This allows for the professionals to give and receive feedback from clients without the need to visit in-person. In turn, this increases the flexibility for scheduling appointments and reduces the chances of having to cancel or risk missing an appointment.

Mental Wellness Coaching does not require an in-person initial session. 

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